Join oss og bli med!

Krav til deg:

  • Du må være over 18år

  • Du må eie en kopi av ARMA 3

Rekrutterings prosessen:

  • Du sender inn skjema med all relevant informasjon

  • Vi kontakter deg med mulige intervju tider

  • Du melder deg på en av rekrutt eventene, bootcamp e.l.



Norwegian Task Force is an Arma 3 Milsim community based in Norway. With the base game Arma 3 and the addition of mods, we try to recreate authentic scenarios that sections of The Norwegian Army would face. Our focus is authenticity, cooperation and atmosphere, where members should feel like being part of something bigger and where their contribution matters. We mainly focus on infantry warfare, with the addition of some supporting elements of cavalry and air units.

Some important info:

  • Regarding mods, we currently have a 30GB modpack, which include but are not limited to: ACE, ACRE2, CUP, etc.

  • We use TeamSpeak + ACRE2 for in-game communication.

  • The unit follows timezone UTC + 1, Central European Time, with active events on a regular basis twice or more a week, usually in the evenings.

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